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Parking Accuracy


A high-precision parking solution which uses Parking IoT for shared bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters at designated locations which will enable better use of public space

Parking Beacon


The initial step involves installing the Bluetooth Parking Beacon within the assigned parking area. Subsequently, when a user parks their vehicle in this area, the Beacon engages with the vehicle's IoT enabling it to determine the distance between the vehicle and the Beacon. This interaction establishes an unseen "electronic fence" within the parking zone, allowing the system to automatically recognize whether the vehicle is appropriately parked in the designated area. Consequently, the entire process ensures unmanned management, facilitating the orderly parking of vehicles.

Easy to use • Process

How it works?

Installation of Bluetooth Parking Beacon

Install the Bluetooth Parking Beacon in the designated parking area.

BLE Generation through IoT Interaction

When a user parks, the Beacon interacts with the vehicle's IoT, generating BLE.

Distance Assessment and Unmanned Management

The IoT's functional chip assesses BLE strength, forming an "electronic fence" to verify proper parking and enabling unmanned, orderly vehicle management.

Our Goal

We aim to curb unregulated parking in inconvenient locations to cultivate a positive image of shared micromobility

Positive Image Cultivation

By curbing unregulated parking, we seek to foster a positive perception of shared micromobility options.

Efficient Space Utilization

We aim to enhance the efficient utilization of public space, promoting increased usage of shared micromobility vehicles.

Municipal Empowerment

We provide municipalities with a powerful tool to improve the overall adoption of sustainable mobility options among urban populations.

Real-Time Tracking

Our system tracks the real-time occupancy status of designated shared vehicle parking spaces and delivers valuable insights to both the city and operators.

Parking Spot Recommendation

We suggest navigation routes for operators to reach available parking spots based on our monitoring data.

IoT Based Parking Management

The shared scooter's IoT connects with the parking IoT sensor at each parking location, facilitating communication and distance measurement.

IoT device on the shared bike or scooter

IoT parking sensor on each parking spot

Backend & monitoring

City platform

a live demo

Take Back Control of Your City.

The SMOVE PARKED solution increases parking accuracy of each vehicle in poor satellite signal operation places, like streets and parks that are surrounded by tall buildings and carports.

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